Sagarin Ratings ŠJeff Sagarin
Calumet (6-7) at Chicago Crane (Ill.)
GAME TIME: 8:00 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Dominique Nelson, 24-34 in 3rd year at Calumet.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Calumet, 57.61, 266th overall, 75th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Calumet defeated Wheeler, 55-44.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Calumet 81-85, Chicago Crane (Ill.) 0-0.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: No meetings.
Dugger Union (3-12) at Gibson County HomeSchool
GAME TIME: 8:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Joe Pigg, 7-28 in 2nd year at Dugger Union, 14-69 in 4th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Dugger Union, 23.32, 410th overall, 11th in Class A.
LAST OUTING: Dugger Union lost to Bloomington Lighthouse, 56-22.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Dugger Union 54-96, Gibson County HomeSchool 0-0.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Dugger Union, 2-0.
LAST MEETING: Dugger Union, 61-40, Jan. 23, 2017.
Fortune Academy at Horizon Christian (10-6)
GAME TIME: 6:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Devin Gray, 30-37 in 3rd year at Horizon Christian.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Horizon Christian, 29.23, 405th overall, 9th in Class A.
LAST OUTING: Horizon Christian defeated Indiana Deaf, 67-59.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Fortune Academy 0-0, Horizon Christian 33-48.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Horizon Christian, 1-0.
LAST MEETING: Horizon Christian, 78-13, Nov. 17, 2015.
Indianapolis Shortridge (2-8) at Bethesda Christian (4-9)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Troy Lane, 5-47 in 3rd year at Indianapolis Shortridge. Chad Smith, 4-9 in 1st year at Bethesda Christian, 40-37 in 4th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Shortridge, 56.68, 277th overall, 62nd in Class 2A. Bethesda Christian, 55.73, 285th overall, 38th in Class 1A.
LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Shortridge lost to Indianapolis Scecina, 99-71. Bethesda Christian defeated Indiana Math & Science, 63-53.
VS. COMMON FOES: Indianapolis Shortridge 0-4, Bethesda Christian 0-4.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Shortridge 81-62, Bethesda Christian 83-100.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: No meetings.
PREDICTION: Bethesda Christian, 62-58.
Lafayette Central Catholic (9-5) at Benton Central (3-9)
GAME TIME: 8:00 PM Eastern.
COACHES: David Barrett, 228-98 in 13th year at Lafayette Central Catholic. Jordan Myers, 3-9 in 1st year at Benton Central.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Lafayette Central Catholic, 74.95, 99th overall, 6th in Class 1A. Benton Central, 50.09, 326th overall, 90th in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Lafayette Central Catholic lost to Lafayette Jeff, 78-71, overtime. Benton Central defeated North Newton, 55-31.
VS. COMMON FOES: Lafayette Central Catholic 3-1, Benton Central 0-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Lafayette Central Catholic 128-70, Benton Central 77-91.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Lafayette Central Catholic, 30-10.
LAST MEETING: Lafayette Central Catholic, 63-27, Jan. 13, 2017.
PREDICTION: Lafayette Central Catholic, 68-46.
North Knox (0-13) at Pike Central (4-6)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Matt Houchin, 14-47 in 3rd year at North Knox. Hunter Elliott, 4-6 in 1st year at Pike Central.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Pike Central, 66.48, 176th overall, 47th in Class 3A. North Knox, 33, 394th overall, 100th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: North Knox lost to Sullivan, 79-24. Pike Central defeated Washington, 47-39.
VS. COMMON FOES: North Knox 0-3, Pike Central 2-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: North Knox 93-83, Pike Central 82-46.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Pike Central, 19-14.
LAST MEETING: Pike Central, 58-44, Jan. 20, 2017.
PREDICTION: Pike Central, 75-35.
Perry Central (3-11) at Southridge (6-7)
GAME TIME: 8:00 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Matt Carter, 120-126 in 11th year at Perry Central. Ted O'Brien, 34-48 in 4th year at Southridge, 47-57 in 5th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Southridge, 69.34, 150th overall, 39th in Class 3A. Perry Central, 42.07, 368th overall, 94th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Perry Central lost to Mitchell, 70-64. Southridge lost to North Posey, 57-52.
VS. COMMON FOES: Perry Central 0-3, Southridge 1-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Perry Central 81-104, Southridge 98-65.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Southridge, 19-7.
LAST MEETING: Perry Central, 53-42, Jan. 13, 2017.
PREDICTION: Southridge, 69-37.
Shoals (5-6) at Wood Memorial (7-3)
GAME TIME: 7:15 PM Central.
COACHES: Bryson Able, 15-45 in 3rd year at Shoals. Kevin Menke, 29-9 in 2nd year at Wood Memorial.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Wood Memorial, 69.51, 147th overall, 12th in Class 1A. Shoals, 57.07, 273rd overall, 35th in Class 1A.
LAST OUTING: Shoals defeated Washington Catholic, 66-25. Wood Memorial defeated Pike Central, 63-50.
VS. COMMON FOES: Shoals 1-1, Wood Memorial 2-0.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Shoals 51-78, Wood Memorial 70-68.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Wood Memorial, 16-1.
LAST MEETING: Wood Memorial, 62-49, Jan. 21, 2017.
PREDICTION: Wood Memorial, 61-44.
South Bend Adams (6-8) at Jimtown (2-10)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Chad Johnston, 6-8 in 1st year at South Bend Adams, 201-145 in 16th year overall. Matt Schauss, 2-10 in 1st year at Jimtown.
SAGARIN RATINGS: South Bend Adams, 74.69, 102nd overall, 56th in Class 4A. Jimtown, 50.08, 327th overall, 91st in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: South Bend Adams lost to South Bend Washington, 60-52. Jimtown lost to South Bend Riley, 66-36.
VS. COMMON FOES: South Bend Adams 0-2, Jimtown 0-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: South Bend Adams 102-59, Jimtown 104-58.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: South Bend Adams, 2-0.
LAST MEETING: South Bend Adams, 60-37, Jan. 23, 2017.
PREDICTION: South Bend Adams, 62-40.
Tecumseh (5-9) at Heritage Hills (11-2)
GAME TIME: 7:00 PM Central.
COACHES: Kevin Oxley, 310-292 in 26th year at Tecumseh. Nate Hawkins, 26-11 in 2nd year at Heritage Hills, 90-37 in 6th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Heritage Hills, 77.89, 76th overall, 21st in Class 3A. Tecumseh, 58.71, 249th overall, 49th in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Tecumseh lost to Forest Park, 81-43. Heritage Hills defeated Southridge, 66-54.
VS. COMMON FOES: Tecumseh 0-2, Heritage Hills 2-0.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Tecumseh 100-87, Heritage Hills 69-81.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Heritage Hills, 23-11.
LAST MEETING: Heritage Hills, 66-45, Jan. 14, 2017.
PREDICTION: Heritage Hills, 63-40.
Traders Point Christian (7-3) at Indianapolis International (7-7)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Kraig Cox, 59-45 in 5th year at Traders Point Christian. Justin Bennett, 26-34 in 3rd year at Indianapolis International.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Traders Point Christian, 61.76, 227th overall, 3rd in Class A. Indianapolis International, 56.53, 282nd overall, 37th in Class 1A.
LAST OUTING: Traders Point Christian defeated Turkey Run, 65-48. Indianapolis International defeated Indianapolis Lutheran, 66-64.
VS. COMMON FOES: Traders Point Christian 1-2, Indianapolis International 1-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Traders Point Christian 66-81, Indianapolis International 89-99.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Indianapolis International, 2-0.
LAST MEETING: Indianapolis International, 75-62, Jan. 23, 2017.
PREDICTION: Traders Point Christian, 55-53.
Tri-West (10-2) at Lebanon (5-9)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern.
COACHES: Adam Bontreger, 146-61 in 9th year at Tri-West, 169-102 in 12th year overall. Albert Hendrix, 104-76 in 8th year at Lebanon.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Tri-West, 77.02, 84th overall, 23rd in Class 3A. Lebanon, 61.16, 229th overall, 62nd in Class 3A.
LAST OUTING: Tri-West defeated Westfield, 69-59. Lebanon defeated Speedway, 53-48.
VS. COMMON FOES: Tri-West 3-0, Lebanon 1-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Tri-West 66-96, Lebanon 94-102.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Lebanon, 15-6.
LAST MEETING: Tri-West, 44-41, Mar. 4, 2017, sectional.
PREDICTION: Tri-West, 63-51.
Indianapolis Cathedral (14-2) vs. Indianapolis Howe (12-4)
GAME TIME: 7:30 PM Eastern, Tech.
COACHES: Jason Delaney, 29-11 in 2nd year at Indianapolis Cathedral, 207-116 in 14th year overall. Kristof Kendrick, 12-4 in 1st year at Indianapolis Howe.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Indianapolis Cathedral, 95.77, 7th overall, 6th in Class 4A. Indianapolis Howe, 83.01, 39th overall, 1st in Class 2A.
LAST OUTING: Indianapolis Cathedral defeated Indianapolis Manual, 65-48. Indianapolis Howe defeated Indianapolis Tindley, 74-72.
VS. COMMON FOES: Indianapolis Cathedral 2-0, Indianapolis Howe 2-0.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Indianapolis Cathedral 149-76, Indianapolis Howe 102-97.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Indianapolis Cathedral, 20-2.
LAST MEETING: Indianapolis Cathedral, 75-58, Dec. 1, 2017.
PREDICTION: Indianapolis Cathedral, 74-61.
Westville (9-3) vs. Morgan Twp. (9-3)
GAME TIME: 8:00 PM Central, Hebron.
COACHES: Nate Mrozinski, 51-32 in 4th year at Westville. Eric Braden, 68-54 in 6th year at Morgan Twp..
SAGARIN RATINGS: Westville, 62.22, 221st overall, 27th in Class 1A. Morgan Twp., 58.4, 250th overall, 32nd in Class 1A.
LAST OUTING: Westville defeated Kouts, 59-55. Morgan Twp. defeated South Central (Union Mills), 57-38.
VS. COMMON FOES: Westville 4-1, Morgan Twp. 4-0.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Westville 57-89, Morgan Twp. 68-88.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Morgan Twp., 21-12.
LAST MEETING: Westville, 57-52, Feb. 17, 2017.
PREDICTION: Westville, 59-53.